Change your perspective

Fixed opinions and strong points of view are deeply rooted in each of us. So why is it, that we rarely question our own perspective being the right one? It is always worth leaving our comfort zone to take a new look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes it is sufficient to cast one’s eyes back to the past.
What appears more interesting to me, however, is to avert your gaze and take in what is above us, which then often makes the view downwards an exciting contrast.
Over the past few years and in recent months, we have clearly seen extensive economic and societal restructuring, which has shown us that a successful future is not possible without a change in perspective.
Since ancient times we have known that everything has three sides: yours, mine and the correct one.

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As CEO and passionate photographer, I see it as my calling to reveal what others otherwise would have missed, to draw attention to things and to side with the weak and vulnerable.
Because of my job I have to travel a lot. Since I share the same passions with my wife I like to travel even in my spare time to special and hard-to-get-to-places.
A photo trip to Ethiopia to photograph the beauty of the country and the people living there revealed another side of the country to me – the cruel superstition of the Hamer tribe and the fate of the Mingi children exceeded my imagination.

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Video Clip in LT1, Volksgarten Linz